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Unless you know for certain how your body responds to Clomid, do not get engaged in harmful tasks to prevent wounding on your own or others.

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Clomid is pregnancy category X - suggesting it could cause extreme abnormality in coming children.

It is not known without a doubt whether Clomid passes into breast milk - so make certain you permit your physician find out about your strategies of conceiving or breastfeeding during the duration of therapy.


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An overdose of Clomid may threaten with the adhering to signs experienced: flushing, obscured vision, queasiness, puking, and stomach pain.

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A number of births could be one of the negative side effects of taking Clomid.

Clomid procedure is normally prescribed after the reason for impotence is developed and the companion's sperms is assessed.

An overdose of Clomid should be reported to your community emergency situation program and could trigger the complying with symptoms: vomiting, belly pain, warm flashes, stomach puffinessing, upset tummy, aesthetic areas or flashes, masked eyesight, and other ones.

Clomid has been mentioned to boost the likelihood of a number of births.

For example, a pregnant female has to never utilize Clomid due to the fact that it will create injury to the coming child.

Clomid has been reported to trigger blurred vision in some people.